Café Belvedere at Sub 13 - all about the Espresso Martini

July 9, 2020
Sub 13 Cocktail Bar

This December we have teamed up with Belvedere vodka, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and Colonna Coffee to bring you a unique coffee cocktail experience at Sub 13. Café Belvedere is a cocktail pop-up dedicated to the modern classic Espresso Martini. It also showcases some really interesting contemporary coffee concoctions.

The Coffee

The pop up is a great way for us to launch our own coffee pod. We created this pod especially for espresso martinis in a joint project with locally based but internationally-renowned coffee company Colonna. In a world-first we have selected, roast and ground a coffee that we believe is the perfect match for the other ingredients in an espresso martini. The single-origin coffee is a Brazilian Pirapitinga, sustainably sourced and packed into 100% recyclable aluminium pods. It, along with Belvedere and Mr Black is at the heart of the pop up's menu.

The Spirits

As well as our very special new coffee, our coffee creations use Belvedere vodka, arguably the finest Polish vodka in the world. Poland is one of the only countries where vodka is legally protected in terms of quality and production, creating a smooth but characterful base for any cocktail. The coffee liqueur we have chosen to work with is called Mr Black, and it is a cold brew coffee liqueur that uses the most amount of actual coffee and the least amount of sugar compared to others on the market. It brings a rich, intense depth to our espresso martinis.

Two espresso martini cocktails at Sub 13
Sub 13 espresso martinis

The Cocktails

At the heart of the menu is the classic espresso martini, along with a delicious salted caramel twist for those of you with a sweet tooth! We have also created three interesting twists for people wanting something a little more adventurous:

Beetroot Flat White

A short but deeply flavoured cocktail that combines beetroot and raspberry with Belvedere, Mr Black and fresh espresso. It is subtly red in colour with a long-lasting flavour it is a great way to enjoy an alcoholic caffeine hit and a great alternative to the classic espresso martini.

35ml Belvedere
10ml Mr Black
20ml Beetroot and Raspberry Syrup
1 shot espresso

Shake all with ice and fine strain into chilled Nick and Nora glass. For garnish atomise some Belvedere on one side of the glass and dust with freeze-dried raspberry. And finally, grate tonka beans on the top.

Coffee Collins

A real staff favourite this is a much lighter style of cocktail that still packs a great, spicy flavour from the ginger and the Mediterranean tonic.

30ml Belvedere
15ml Ginger syrup
20ml Verjuice
Top Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
1 shot espresso10ml Mr Black

Stir coffee and Mr Black with cubed ice. Build the first three ingredients in a 13oz glass with cubed ice, stir, add tonic to about 3cm from the top. Layer the coffee and Mr Black mix on top. Then garnish with a long ginger slice and three pieces of candied ginger on a cocktail stick.

Coffee and Chocolate Old Fashioned

The only cocktail not to include any fresh coffee, this is a stirred cocktail with attitude. 25ml Belvedere10ml Mr Black10ml Mozart dark5ml Woods Navy Rum1bsp Yellow Chartreuse3 dash chocolate bittersStir with cubed ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

Go large with Belvedere Espress!

Ready-mixed espresso martini at the touch of a button
Serve Espresso Martinis at your table with a Belvedere Espress

A great way to enjoy an espresso martini at your table, you can order a whole siphon of coffee-laced goodness to be brought to your table, where it is great sipped out of custom metal espresso cups!The pop up will run throughout December, so get yourself down to Sub 13 and sample one today!

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