Meet the movers and cocktail shakers behind the Sub13 bar.

Alex Miller

Co-founder & Director

Any good? Bath legend whose penchant for hosing you down with Champagne is notorious well beyond the city walls. He doesn’t like going small and can be found enjoying a Dark & Stormy in Sub most weekends.

Tim Whelehan


Tim has been in the booze trade for over ten years. Wine is his passion, but his cocktail preference is exclusively diurnal: Martinis in the morning and Manhattans in the evening. He’ll drink Champagne at any hour.

Declan Delahunty


Dec has been part of the Sub family since he was 17, working his way up from a glass collector to the bar. He may be 19 now but will always be the baby of the team!

Sam Kelson


Sam is the man that keeps everything behind the scenes running smoothly, and we couldn’t manage without him! He might look like a bit like Jesus but don’t fooled, soft-spoken Sam rules the glass collectors with a rod of iron.