The English Garden - cocktail spotlight

July 9, 2020
Sub 13 Cocktail Bar

The English Garden is one of our most popular cocktails, and is our own take on a widely-known modern classic using Hendrick’s Gin. The perceptive among you (or those who have read our previous blog on the subject) will know that Hendrick’s is from Scotland, making the name English Garden something of a misnomer! Maybe British Garden would be a more appropriate name! Either way the drink is a celebration of classic English ingredients that nods to the age of high teas and picnics by the river.

The rather striking dark glass Hendrick's bottle

A celebration of British ingredients

At the heart of the cocktail is the base of cucumber, mint and elderflower cordial. These ingredients reflect the unique botanicals of Hendrick’s, which uses cold-infused rose petals and cucumber to give the gin its distinctive floral aroma that is reminiscent of Turkish Delight, and the aromatic aroma and flavour of cucumber. The cocktail is also lengthened with ginger beer, just enough to give the drink depth and richness. Our ginger beer uses real ginger, adding a refreshing zing of cool, ginger spice that we feel acts as

Rose petals
Rose petals are a one Hendrick’s unique botanicals.

a palate cleanser and makes the drink more quaffable!The final ingredient is a tiny dash of lemon juice. This hint of citrus is needed to balance the sweetness of the elderflower cordial and the ginger beer. Use carefully  as too much will overpower the delicate botanicals of the Hendrick’s that we are trying to enhance in an English Garden.So here is how to make our delicious English Garden…

English Garden

50ml Hendrick’s Gin
3cm fresh cucumber, diced
2 sprigs mint, leaves only plus one sprig for garnish
10ml elderflower cordial
5ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
50ml ginger beer

Gently muddle the diced cucumber and mint leaves with the cordial and lemon juice in the base of a hi-ball glass. Add the Hendrick’s and ginger beer. Fill with crushed ice and churn until everything is nicely mixed. Make a cucumber spiral by cutting a strip of cucumber with a vegetable peeler. Twirl into a cute spiral shape. Place on top of the drink along with the mint sprig, having first given the sprig a light slap. This wakes it up and releases the amazing aroma. Add straws and serve straight away!

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